Administration Sections
  • Personnel matters of employees, Logistic support and office security
HAD section
  • Interpretation of rules, rendering advice to field offices and Departments on implication of  government rules   
Coordination and Monitoring section
  • Coordinating and monitoring working of 31 field offices
  • Inspection of field offices
  • Pay fixation party
GP Fund
  • Maintenance of GP fund accounts of the subscribers


  • Fund-I
    • Education Department (District)
    • Agriculture Department (District)
    • Health Department (District)
  • Fund-II
    • Environment Department
    • Agriculture Department
    • Health Department
  • Fund-III
    • Police Department
    • Irrigation Department
    • Excise Department.
    • Works & Services Department
  • Fund-IV
    • Establishment and General Administration Department
    • Judiciary
    • Education Department
    • Labor Commerce and Industries
  • Pension Cases of Provincial Employees.
  • Family pension cases of the deceased employees.
  • Revision cases.
  • Restoration cases of the Pensioners.
  • Post Audit of Pension Payments
  • Pension Payment authorities from AG NWFP to other provinces and from other provinces to AG NWFP
  • Recording of recoveries an account of advances like GP fund, House building, Motor car and Motor cycle advance
  • sorting of manual bills
  • preparation of payment of expenditure and receipt of the Govt of NWFP
Book Sections
  • Preparation of monthly civil account.
  • Compilation of accounts prepared by District/Agency Account Offices.
  • Coordination of suspense/exchange accounts.
  • Maintenance of SBD  Account I, II & IV
  • Reconciliation of Accounts with State Bank of Pakistan Karachi.
DA Sections
  • Reconciliation with Provincial  Departments at controlling level.
  • Preparation of Classified abstract Received from various DAOs.
  • Preparation of FMC Reports.
  • Preparation of MIS Reports.
  • Providing Expenditure Figures for Appropriation Accounts .

WAD Sections

  • Accounting and post audit of works accounts
Deposit & Loan
  • Advances i.e HBA, Motor cycle Advance and Cycle Advance to non gazetted employees and watching their recoveries
  • Maintenance of PLA/SDAs
  • Assignment Accounts
  • Reconciliation of the assignment Accounts & PLA of various Departments and projects
  • Lapsed deposits of revenue department/court cases
Payroll Sections


Computer Coordination
  • Coordination of computerization activities of AG and Field offices.
  • Trouble shooting