History of AG NWFP is replete with success stories and landmark achievements especially regarding office automation. The first Computer Cell was established in 1983 with a purpose to computerize the salaries of the government servants. The cell started functioning with “Detobe” as IT platform. The Computer Cell was manned by a selected staff of six persons. The Computer Cell, using IBM data entry setup, initially took over Federal Government Accounts for processing. The Computer Center was located at PAF, Badaber as the processing activity had been outsourced. In the mean while the data base of the Provincial Government Accounts was also placed at the service of the Computer Center for processing.

In 1985, the data processing activity was then shifted to Habib Bank Computer Centre (IBM System-36) and their bureau services were utilized on payment.

In November 1985 Pay Roll computerization stared at AG NWFP (both Federal and Provincial employees). All the Payroll data entry used to be done by Habib Bank Limited staff on payment. The facility was later on extended first to DAO Mardan as Pilot DAO.

Keeping in view the advantages and successful computerization process in AG NWFP Provincial Government of NWFP funded for the computerization of DAO Swat, Kohat, Bannu, D.I.Khan, Mansehra, Malakand and Dir as project of P&D Department and single unit of IBM AS-400 was installed at these DAOs. This set up of computerization was not integrated and there was no Centralized Networking and Data Base.

In February 1994, the office become self-sufficient in IT and the related human skills and eventually the first in-house installation started with ICL as IT platform at AG NWFP and DAO Abbottabad.


The landmark achievement took place in May 2003, when SAP/R03 was introduced under the auspices of Project for Improvement in Financial Reporting and Auditing (PIFRA) at AG NWFP and Abbottabad. After the initial efforts the salary for the month of October 2003 was processed through SAP/R03.

The NWFP became the first Province to have online Accounting of all the 24 Districts and AG, NWFP.

It progressed leaps and bounds due to the untiring and selfless efforts of officers, staff and experts. Not only the accounts offices but the Finance Department, all the District Finance and Planning Offices and a number of Principal Account Offices (Provincial Departments) are interconnected.

The Departments can generate Financial and as well as employees related reports at their own. The AG Office not only generate and compile Monthly Accounts from the system but a number of other reports like IPSAS based Financial Statement, Appropriation Accounts, Finance Accounts, Budget Execution Reports etc for the benefit of the Government and the end users.

The AG Office can rightly claim to be the most modern, responsive, vibrant and technically sound among the public sector organizations.