G.P Fund

General Provident Fund
Act, 1925.

Requirements for G.P Fund Withdrawal:

G.P Fund Final Payment:

  1. Form-10 containing the following information:-
    1. Name (with father’s name of the retired/deceased etc. civil servant.)
    2. Designation of the post held.
    3. G.P Fund Account Number/Numbers assigned by the Accounts Office.
    4. Name, age, relationship of the Nominee (in case of death of subscriber).
    5. A certificate from the DDO stating whether any advance from the fund was granted to the subscriber during the previous 12 months, and if so full particulars of the advance.
    6. Amount/month of Last Fund Deduction (copy of Pay Roll).
    7. Duly signed by the applicant and DDO.
  2. Photocopy of Computerized NIC.
  3. Copy of Pay Roll in which G.P Fund deduction ceased.
  4. Pay Stoppage Certificate duly signed by DDO concerned.
  5. Application in original by the subscriber for Final Payment.
  6. Number and date of Credit Memo balance thereby transferred from other DAO/AAO.

Advance from G.P Fund:

  1. Temporary/Refundable Advance:
    The following documents are essentially be furnished to AG/DAO/AAO for Temporary Advance.

    1. Form TR-58 (for officials BPS-1 to 15).
    2. Pay Bill (for BPS 16 and above).
    3. Source-5 duly completed in all respects.
    4. Sanction from the competent authority mentioning therein Number & date.
    5. Copy of last Balance Sheet.
    6. Copy of Computerized NIC.
    7. Number & date of Credit Memo balance thereby transferred from other DAO/AAO.
  2. Permanent/Non-Refundable Advance:
    1. Three advances are admissible 1st at the age of 45 to 50, 2nd at 50 to 55 years and 3rd at 55 to 58.
    2. Form TR-58 (for non-gazetted).
    3. Pay bill (for gazetted).
    4. Source-6 completed in all respects.
    5. Sanction from the competent authority with Number & date.
    6. Copy of first page of Service Book for age verification.
    7. Copies of Last Payroll and last Balance Sheet.

Note: All entries in the Form TR-58, Pay Bill and Source-5 or 6 complete in all respects.

G.P Fund Transfer Case:

  1. Name & designation.
  2. G.P Fund Account Number.
  3. Personal Number.
  4. Copy of Computerized NIC.
  5. Copy of last Payroll.
  6. Application duly signed by subscriber.
  7. Number & date of the balance transferred from any other DAO/AAO.
  8. Copy of Last Pay Certificate (LPC).

 Note: The above requirements will be reduced/change after full computerization and completion of Master Data of the subscribers.